With the wealth of smartphone apps available these days, some business functions that used to be difficult, couldn’t be easier now. Many smartphone apps like those below have been developed which can make small business processes faster, safer, and easier to manage, thereby freeing up the owner for more value-added activity.


This is a very handy cellphone app for small business owners that would like to spend less time invoicing, and get paid much faster. With this app, you can create a customized receipt, and when your customer signs it on your cellphone or tablet, it can then be emailed to the customer. All documents are synced across the devices you use, and you have the capability to generate reports and charts showing current payments and history.

Appointment Plus

Appointment Plus is a cloud-based app that allows you to set up your appointment book online and then access it from anywhere using any device. If your small business is a doctor’s office or a beauty salon, missed appointments or inaccurate dates and times mean lost income, so it’s ultra-important that appointment times are up to date.

By linking your business website to the cloud database containing all the appointment data, your customers can easily access their individual time slot and make any necessary changes to their scheduled appointment. This also means they never have to call your office to do that, so there is much less phone traffic for your receptionist (or yourself) to handle.

Cam Card

Cam Card allows you to save your own business card or anyone else’s to your cellphone by snapping a photo image of it, and saving it in a folder. For a business person at a conference, or even when meeting with another business person, this can be a very useful thing to have, because you can instantly save the card image and retrieve it at any time later on. This avoids the possibility of losing an important business card from someone you might want to contact. You can also add notes or reminders and synchronize the information across all your devices.