Email Marketing

You've Got (E)mail

The fear of spam has caused many companies to run from email marketing. This is unfortunate as a targeted email marketing campaign can and should play an important part in every business marketing strategy. At Green Leaf Capital, we are experts at designing campaigns that get results. Our email marketing services are cost-effective, powerful, and beneficial to start-ups and established companies alike.

Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Email is the preferred way to communicate in the 21st century. It is less intrusive than phone calls and more environmentally friendly than direct mailings. In addition, email has the following advantages over more traditional forms of marketing:

  • The success of the campaign is easily measured with web analytics.
  • It supports other forms of marketing such as social media marketing.
  • You can segment your audience into various groups and tailor email ads specifically for them.
  • Your audience can easily share your emails with others.
  • A/B testing provides a way to prepare the most effective messaging possible.
  • It builds brand loyalty and identity.

Reasons To Use Green Leaf Marketing

Our marketing experts are experienced in designing campaigns for a wide variety of businesses. They listen to your goals and dreams, and then together create an email marketing campaign that will help you achieve them.


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