Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Have You Considered a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan?

Making an investment in the real estate world can be a great way to benefit your personal and business success. However, traditional loans require a lot of paperwork and are often hard to qualify for. A stated income loan from Green Leaf Capital may be the solution you need. Whether you need to purchase a property, renovate, refinancing or even build working capital, we can help.

The Basics of the Loans

Stated income loans offer a few benefits. These are some of the basics you should know:

  • Qualifying scores as low as 600
  • Generous loan-to-value ratios, especially on multiunit residential properties
  • Almost any building type welcome
  • Only basic documentation required
  • Fixed-rate, amortized loans
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Large loan amounts available

What Makes a Stated Income Loan Different?

The key difference between a stated income commercial real estate loan and a conventional mortgage is that the former focuses on the property in question. While a conventional loan decision is primarily based on your ability to repay the loan, a stated income loan decision is based primarily on the value of the property.

If your target property can generate enough value to cover the mortgage, taxes and insurance, you will likely qualify. This option is available for almost all property types. You don’t need perfect credit to receive a stated income loan.

Better yet, this type of loan can turn around significantly faster than a conventional mortgage. That means that you can jump on a time-sensitive opportunity.

You can use the funds for debt consolidation, working capital or to help pay for your real estate investment. Don’t wait to choose the better option for your real estate needs.

We bridge the gap for all of your financing needs.

Contact us today to start exploring your options.

Reach out today and and let us answer all your questions in a no-fee and no-obligation consultation. Green Leaf Capital commercial business loans make funding a commercial enterprise easier than you may have thought possible.