Fix and Flip Financing

Financing for Property Fix-and-Flips.

At Green Leaf Capital, we understand that no two fix and flip projects are alike. Property flippers nationwide need financing solutions tailored to their needs, whether they are working on one property or one hundred. Commercial real estate investors should be able to access the funds they need quickly to keep their fix and flip projects on track. For these reasons, Green Leaf Capital offers fix and flip financing solutions.

fix and flip financing

Fix and Flip Lines of Credit

We offer fix and flip lines of credit that can be scaled to the number of properties you are looking to purchase and renovate. Fix and flip lines of credit from Green Leaf Capital include:

  • Financing from $500,000 up to $5 million
  • Available for 1 to 500+ properties
  • LTV up to 90% for acquisitions
  • LTV up to 95% for renovations
  • Terms up to 12 months
  • Closings in 18 days or less
  • Usable for townhouses, condominiums, single family and multi-family units

Loans for Real Estate Investors

We also provide fix and flip loans that feature:

  • Financing from $60,000 up to $10 million
  • LTV up to 85% for acquisitions
  • LTV up to 100% for renovations
  • Terms up to 24 months
  • Closings in 10 to 17 days
  • Low interest rates
  • Interest-only
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Usable for townhouses, condominiums, single- and multifamily

If you need financing for your next fix and flip project, contact the experts at Green Leaf Capital. Our team will work with you to structure a financing strategy to fit your needs, whether you are taking on your first property flip, or if you are managing multiple projects at once.

fix and flip financing

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